Water Damage Repair and Restoration in Joliet, Illinois

Two Contractors Accessing a Building in Joilet, IL that needs Water Damage RepairsWhile some steps can be taken before a huge rainstorm hits your property in Joliet, IL, the truth is that you can experience water damage from rain, a burst pipe, or other events. At Citywide Disaster Services we don’t care what the source of the water is, the point of our professional team is to effect water damage restoration so that your property is back to the way it was. Once you call us we will first make sure that the source of the water is taken care of so further damage can’t occur. Then we turn to water mitigation efforts, and finally to water damage repair. When you find that you have water damage from any source, contact our team 24/7 and we’ll put our decades of experience to work helping you restore your property.

Water Mitigation in Joliet, IL

Safety is the highest priority, especially when we are first on the scene to assess the situation. Electricity and gas supplies need to be turned off, and everyone needs to be aware of where and how they walk on different surfaces as some could be quite slippery with a coating of water. Videos and pictures are important to describe and document the extent of the damage, and working with your insurance company they will also want to see these images for their records when they begin to cut checks for the water damage clean up.

Water mitigation starts with the extraction of standing water as well as water soaked into carpeting and other surfaces. Once the standing water is removed, we can bring in our large commercial fans to help dry out things. This is when we will also begin removing drywall, flooring, as well as furniture, and other things, and determine what can be salvaged/saved and what needs to be replaced.

Water Damage Cleanup in Joliet, IL

As part of the water damage cleanup, we will also be looking for mold growth. This can show up on the structural elements of the building, such as in walls and floors, and this will need to be remediated as well to ensure a proper water damage restoration of the Joliet, Illinois property. Time is of the essence whenever a water damage clean-up scenario exists, and this is why it is important to call Citywide Disaster Services as soon as possible once water damage is noticed. Water damage restoration can be a lengthy and challenging process, but working with experienced professionals will help things move along swiftly.

Joliet has a “west side” and “east side”, referring to areas about the river. Joliet has a hot summer humid continental climate with hot, humid summers, and cold winters with moderate to heavy snowfall. The city is evolving from a steel and manufacturing suburb to a commuter suburb in the Chicago metropolitan area. Contact us today to learn more about the importance of fast action for water damage cleanup.

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  • They were flexible and adjusted to my needs. They worked with the money at hand and basically built me a new building. More than being restored, it was modernized; it ...
  • They were flexible and adjusted to my needs. They worked with the money at hand and basically built me a new building. More than being restored, it was modernized; it ...
  • "We have been working with Mr. Smith & Citywide Disaster Services for a very long time. We are pleased to recommend Citywide Disaster Services for any construction or disaster services ...
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